Back in April, I was introduced to LANY, whilst on a date with a boy, who is no longer in the picture. (Lol)

So when he asked whether I had heard of them, I obviously lied and said yes, just to impress him. He replied with “that’s cool”, and proceeded to talk about the best day of his life (the day he met “the Lany singer”), and how he loves Paul’s style. As I nodded along, pretending to know what he was talking about, I made a mental note to listen to them later.

I didn’t actually get around to listening to them until about 4 weeks later, when he ended things. (Again, lol)

At first listen, I was hoping to not like them. I’m pretty sure this was to do with him. Like, how annoying would that be?! That he was the one to introduce me to good music, especially after he ended it! That’d be like a constant reminder of him, and that’s not good for anyone. Yet, here we are. That’s how it played out. Typical.

I have since stalked LANY on social media, gone through their entire back catalogue of music, pre-ordered their debut album (on CD and cassette), and bought tickets to see them in December. As well as this, I’m planning to purchase the Urban Outfitters exclusive version of their debut album on vinyl, and purchase their 3 EP’s, also on vinyl. Because vinyl, am I right?

My new favourite band, with very relatable songs. If you’ve been dumped, listen to this song. (That’s what I did… lol)

Also, they made an exclusive tour zine during their last tour, and when I saw the video of it on LANY’s website, I was pretty mad I couldn’t buy a copy. But it also partly inspired me to create this blog, and that’s cool! So thanks, LANY!

I love LANY, thanks to you know who.

Oh well, I suppose he left me with something good after all.

Jokes, I wish he’d speak to me again.


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