On days like today, when all you want to do is re-watch season one of 90210 (the best season), and listen to Carolina Liar’s ‘Coming To Terms’ album. It’s the right thing to do, especially when they were featured on season one; episode 15, ‘Help Me, Rhonda’, to be exact. Yes, I do know the episode titles. Why am I such a 90210 nerd?! Oh well.

The best cast, with the best storylines, the best music and the best fashion. Erin Silver’s 2008/09 attire was goals; is goals. I used to want all of her outfits… I still do. She will forever be my favourite TV character.

I was properly obsessed; nothing can top season one for me though. I loved everything about it, all the little details; they used to be so on point with their storylines. Speaking of the little details, in the show, my favourite character, Silver, had her own blog. This was titled ‘The Vicious Circle’. But, it wasn’t just a fictional blog, they made a real blog, which you could actually check out online, and a Flickr account for all of Silver’s photos. It’s honestly so cool; well, it was back in the day. The blog has since been deleted, but all the behind-the-scenes pics on the ‘Sil Vicious’ Flickr photo stream are still online; even the captions remain in character. They made it all seem real. TV shows never do things like this anymore. I’m pretty sure this was the first spark of inspiration into me creating my own blog, and now I’m writing about it. Weird.

If they don’t bring back a re-vamped version of this show in another 10 years, I’ll be disappointed.

I’m going to carry on watching the rest of episode 15 now.




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