twenty one pilots



Not going to lie… I only found out about Twenty One Pilots after ‘Heathens’ came out. I know, I’m so mainstream.

So, Heathens came out just before I moved away to Toronto, Canada, for a 4 month study abroad exchange at Ryerson University.

In the first 3 weeks of my stay (before I had made any friends, lol), that song was literally played on repeat everywhere I went; on the radio, in restaurants, and in my head. That’s when I started to love Twenty One Pilots and stalked them all over social media.

This is when I found the best set they had ever performed live, Reading & Leeds Festival 2016. What makes it even worse is that I attended Leeds Festival that year, just on a Sunday day ticket, meaning I missed Twenty One Pilots by one day. How depressing is that?!

The set list was full of hits, mixed with flashing lights, a huge crowd, a power cut and a failed crowd surf. Amazing.

While I was in Canada, I watched that set literally every day. Anytime I wasn’t in uni or out with my friends, I was in my bedroom, getting on with my assignments and listening to that live set on repeat.

So thanks to Twenty One Pilots for being the playlist to my studying, and my Canadian adventure.

You two are the best!


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