forever my fave


I didn’t know what or who to write about today, so I had to throw it back to my first and all-time fave, Justin Bieber.

I’ve been obsessed since ‘One Time’ came out; but that also comes along with times of hating and loving him all over again.

Every time he switches up his look or changes his hair, it’s like I become obsessed all over again. And let’s not forget, his songs get better and better with every album.

I like this picture the best, because he has that Ryan Gosling vibe, from ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’. (Find my post about that here)

Blonde Bieber is my fave Bieber. He’s never looked better, and even though the dreadlocks weren’t the best decision he’s ever made, at least they looked pretty good. I’m glad they’re gone now though.

Go scroll through his Instagram if you’re bored, there’s some gems in that feed.

Have fun.


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