lana and rocky

best of friends


A post for the duo of a lifetime, two of my favourite artists and two icons. The fact that they are constantly collaborating and are such good friends is such a bonus.

I can’t remember who I found first, Lana or Rocky, either way, I’m glad I found their music one way or another. Each of their debut albums are definitely on my top 10 list, two of the best albums I’ve ever heard. And even though you would consider them as completely different artists, from complete opposite genres, when paired together, magic happens.

After listening to Lana’s interview on Beats 1 Radio yesterday, during which she facetimed Rocky, I realised how close they actually are, and how much unreleased material they have. But the released stuff we have heard will have to do for now.

With Lana’s fourth album ‘Lust For Life’ on the way (releasing on July 21st), her two collaborations with A$AP Rocky were heard for the first time yesterday, ‘Groupie Love’ and ‘Summer Bummer’, also featuring Playboi Carti. If you haven’t heard them yet, definitely go check them out. They’re amazing. (Listen here and here)

For the King and Queen of music, in my eyes anyway.

My two faves, as well as each other’s.

My favourite artists, my favourite duo.

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