one tree hill



On the worst days, when nothing cheers you up, ‘One Tree Hill’ is always there. Just cause it’s so relatable, for whatever the problem might be. It always makes me feel that little bit better anyway.

I briefly mentioned One Tree Hill in a previous post. (Read that here)

Anyway, it’s my favourite TV show of all-time; if it’s not yours, watch it again. And if you haven’t seen it, start now.

One Tree Hill is one of those shows that just get it, like they just get it. They’ve got the best storylines and THE BEST music!!!

It also reminds me of better days, back in school, with no stress whatsoever. (Lol)

I’ve always got One Tree Hill to go back to, and that will never change.

It will always be number one.

They better bring it back in like 10 years or something.

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