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This is another post where I can’t decide on one image. Oh well.

Paramore is kinda like a new thing for me; well not new, obviously I’ve known who they are for a long time, but I was never really fan, until recently.

And it looks like I became a fan just in time for this new era, new album and the return of Zac Farro.

Their new album, ‘After Laughter’, tackles themes of sadness, heartbreak and relatable topics. However, the sound is focused around upbeat, catchy and 80’s inspired tunes. I love it!

My favourite song will always be ‘The Only Exception’ though. (Listen here)

I’ve also had a couple of chances to see them live and missed them, how annoying is that?! First, they played Reading and Leeds Festival in 2014, and I go to Leeds Festival every year, but in 2014, I didn’t. Typical. Secondly, they played in Manchester only a couple of weeks ago, and I live there!!! Why didn’t I just buy tickets?! What is wrong with me?!

I definitely need to see them soon; I just wish I became a fan sooner.

Come back soon, Paramore.


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