johnny and kate

#johnnydepp #katemoss


Johnny Depp and Kate Moss may not be my favourite pairing, Johnny and Winona will always be number one, but they sure do make a good looking couple.

I don’t know why I decided to write about them, but I saw this image on Tumblr and got inspired.

So, if you don’t know, Johnny Depp went on to date Kate Moss, after a 3 or 4 (ish) year relationship with Winona Ryder. And even though I wasn’t alive to witness this relationship, it’s always been a favourite of mine. The multiple pictures on Instagram and Tumblr’s explore pages should be able to give you an idea of why I like them so much.

But this one is about Kate Moss, supermodel extraordinaire! And with Johnny Depp on her arm, they really are a picture perfect couple; like how come they never look bad in any photo, ever?! It’s a mystery to me.

Both praised for their star-studded work within the entertainment industry, they have become trendsetters and icons in their own right. It kinda makes sense that they were such a good match.

It’s also pretty funny how I didn’t even know they were a couple until about 2 years ago. Thank god for the internet, am I right?

Anyway, I just felt like sharing one of my favourite pictures of them.



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