The Olsen Twins are everything!

I can’t decide who is my favourite, but here is a picture of Ashley looking amazing.

I feel like everyone loved Mary-Kate and Ashley at some point in their life, whether it be via their fashion-forward candids, their endless list of movies, their endless list of TV shows or their number of fashion brands. For me, I remember watching ‘Two of a Kind’ and being instantly hooked, and I’ve loved them ever since.

I might be a twin, but we are nowhere as near as iconic as these two. I wish I was an Olsen twin; life made.

Their book ‘Influence’ was the best book of 2008 (in my opinion), but you gotta make sure you get both covers, one Ashley cover and one Mary-Kate cover. There’s so much information and insight into the fashion world in there. Definitely check it out if you’re into fashion.

Their movie ‘New York Minute’ was the best movie of 2004 (again, in my opinion). I’ve gotta say I identified a little more with Mary-Kate than Ashley in this film, but that’s why I have a twin, she’s my Ashley. I’m also pretty gutted to say that this film got bad reviews, but I love it. It’s a classic.

Twins, yes. But they definitely are different. (Watch this for a little insight)

But this post is for Ash; queen, icon and fashion extraordinaire.

The fact that she looks so good without any sort of pose is enough proof for me.

One of my fave gals.


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