Not too sure why I’m making a post about Cameron Dallas, but I saw this picture he posted on Twitter, and although I was slightly confused, I thought he looked really good.

I don’t really get this outfit, but it’s weird and yellow, so it’ll do for me. Paired with red checkerboard vans and his wavy lil haircut, I love it!

Like, why is this such a nice picture?! If I took a picture with this fit, it would definitely not get as many likes and retweets as this did.

I’m liking this distressed, messed up outfit a lot though, maybe this is the new thing, who knows.

Also, you can’t escape this guy on social media, whether it be through his Instagram, with lovely pictures such as this one; his videos on his YouTube channel; some kind of fashion related photo shoot or magazine cover, or his work for Dolce & Gabbana, ambassador and model. What a fashionable lil trendsetter. I like this guy.

As well as all of this mentioned above, he has most recently starred in Charli XCX’s ‘Boys’ music video, alongside 59 other famous male faces. (You can watch that video here and read my post about it here)

I like Cameron Dallas.


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