Finally, a post for my favourite gal, Winona Ryder.

Queen of the 90’s, fashion icon, Johnny Depp’s ex girl and star of ‘Stranger Things’, as well as many other things.

Honestly, this picture looks like it could have been taken yesterday, this is pretty much my everyday attire. What a trendsetter!

The first time I heard of Winona Ryder was through Johnny Depp, I saw a picture of them on Tumblr and fell in love; they really are my favourite couple.

After that, I had a little google search and realised that she starred alongside Johnny in ‘Edward Scissorhands’, and I HAD to watch it! But that wasn’t the first Winona movie I watched; I went straight onto Amazon after watching a few of her film trailers and bought the two that I was most intrigued by, ‘Mermaids’ and ‘Girl, Interrupted’. The fact that Mermaids also featured Cher and Christina Ricci, and Girl, Interrupted featured Angelina Jolie was a bonus. I even bought the book for Girl, Interrupted too; great book. You can find my post on the movie here.

While I waited for these films to arrive in the post, I continued my research through Tumblr and YouTube. I found some really great interviews, some even with Johnny. Here are some of my favourites:
– Winona on ‘WOGAN’ (1991) [Watch here]
– Winona & Johnny Interview (Watch here)
– Winona & Johnny at ShoWest (1990) [Watch here]

I even took to eBay to purchase some of her old magazine covers; so cool! I should really insert some pictures, but these are the ones I have:
– Winona & Cher for ‘Mermaids’, Premiere Magazine (November 1990)
– Winona Ryder, Rolling Stone Magazine (May 1991)
– Winona & Johnny, featured in Vogue UK (May 1991)
– Winona & Angelina for ‘Girl, Interrupted’, Premiere Magazine (October 1999)

So vintage!

To this day, I still haven’t seen all of her filmography, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely. And now, she’s on Stranger Things, amazing! I hope this means more people dive into her previous filmography, because some of those films are classics.

If you haven’t seen any of her films, I recommend starting with ‘Heathers’, it’s like the 90’s version of ‘Mean Girls’, but with a much darker twist at the end.

Love it!

Love Her!

Winona Forever.


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