an angel



Phoebe Tonkin is such a beauty, I love this gal.

From the tv show, ‘The Originals’ (which I still have to get around to watching, I’m a bad fan), and my favourite childhood Nickelodeon show ‘H2O: Just Add Water’, an absolute classic! Not to mention, her accent is the best; I want an Australian accent!

As well as this, her Instagram is great. If you have a good Instagram, I’ll more than likely write a post about you, and hers is so good.

Surely, there will be another post about her on this blog soon, because there are too many nice pictures of her out there, and I need to post them.

I’m going to start watching The Originals now; you never know, maybe a post about this tv show will come soon.

Oh, and she has a tattoo on her wrist that reads ‘joy’, it’s so cool. I kinda want it. And something else to add, in the second picture here, she’s wearing Vetements; I love it!

Big up the Aussies.

And Phoebe.


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