Langley Fox is cool. Artist and model, and great picture taker. (Check out her Instagram here)

Her Instagram also features some lovely pictures of Dylan Rieder, including this picture here. The ‘Dylan’ tee available from Fucking Awesome. I have this t-shirt too, but the white version; I wish I bought the black one now too.

She also contributed towards the Dylan issue of What Youth magazine, teaming up with Mark Oblow to create an issue completely dedicated to Dylan and his life. She provided many illustrations, including the infamous ‘Dylan Forever’ rose, an illustration now widely associated with the man himself, paired with numerous photos from Mark Oblow. Two names that will always make an appearance when you’re researching Dylan Rieder; two of his best friends. I’m very happy to say I own a copy of this issue.

I also remember finding one of her illustrations of Dylan through Tumblr, when I was just finding out who he was a number of years ago. An illustration she created by drawing over a photo of Dylan, taken by Curtis Buchanan.

Check out the ‘Dylan Forever’ rose illustration here, and the Curtis Buchanan photo illustration here. I love these two especially, I’m also thinking about getting them tattooed.

Also, peep the endless photos and drawings of Winona Ryder on Langley’s Instagram; and a couple of gems of Austyn Gillette. Me and Langley have a lot in common. (Find my post on Winona here and my post on Austyn here)

My two posts about Dylan can be found here and here.

I’ve been writing about Dylan a lot recently.

So why not write about his friends too.

A post about Langley was bound to come soon enough.


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