french as fuck


Camille Rowe.

One of my favourite models.

Dior ambassador, French beauty, one of Dylan Rieder’s ex gals and featured in the Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion Show. Obviously, the list goes on, but there’s only so much I can mention.

My favourite video of Camille, courtesy of i-D Magazine: watch here. This literally makes me want to learn how to speak French.

This photo, taken by William Strobeck, one of Dylan’s best friends. A post on William will surely come in the future.

He also filmed the Supreme video part ‘Cherry’, which featured Dylan, as well as Camille. This gal branches out, modelling for Supreme, then Dior, then Victoria’s Secret; talk about variety!

Camille and Dylan were also featured in issue 3 of So It Goes Magazine, an issue that I am endlessly searching for on eBay.

I am yet to find it. Maybe one day.


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