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A post for Will Peltz.

Actor, model and my fave Nicola Peltz’ brother. He has starred in a collection of Calvin Klein campaigns with his girlfriend and model, Kenya Kinski-Jones, as well as walking the runway for numerous fashion shows, including Dolce & Gabbana, just like my boy, Cameron Dallas. Read my post on him here.

I didn’t even realise this until a couple of months ago, but I actually went to the cinema to see one of his movies when it was released, ‘Unfriended’. I just didn’t realise it was Will until I stalked his Instagram and saw screen caps of the film.

Follow him here for more pics.

Also, this picture of Will is the best; it makes me want to go to Disney Land!

I think it’s pretty safe to say him and Nicola are two of my favourites, even better that they’re related. I even thought they were twins for a split second, cause they are so close. I was hoping they were twins, just like I am, so we could have something in common (haha). But no, just siblings. Oh well, they still act like twins.

I love the Peltz family.

You should too.



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