good time

need to see this

Last night, I saw the trailer for Robert Pattinson’s new movie, ‘Good Time’, even though this trailer has been out for two months! I usually keep up to date with these kind of things, but I must have missed this trailer when it was released.

But, at least I’m not too late, because the film hasn’t been released yet, so you can bet I’m going to see this at the cinema.

The trailer showcases Pattinson as the main role, as he attempts to get his brother out of jail, but gets himself into trouble in the meantime.

Watch the trailer here.

Also, Robert Pattinson’s blonde hair!!! I don’t know what it is with me and blonde hair, but it just looks so good! I should probably dye my hair blonde, seeing that I talk about it so much!

R-Pattz with his blonde hair is kinda giving me Ryan Gosling vibes from ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’, one of my favourite films. And if it’s anything like that, this film is bound to be good.

I also have a post about The Place Beyond The Pines on my blog already, you can read that here.

I’m hoping this movie has a good soundtrack too, movies are always so much better when they are paired with a good soundtrack.

I’m also thinking that this will not be my last post about this movie.

Can’t wait to see it.

Someone give me a release date.


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