Two posts in one day, I’m making up for the post I didn’t write yesterday.

This one is for Jason Dill.

When I think of Jason Dill, I think of Alien Workshop, Vans, Supreme, Fucking Awesome, Anthony Van Engelen, William Strobeck, Sean Pablo and of course, Dylan Rieder.

But, most importantly, I think of fashion. This guy is a style icon, especially in skateboarding.

Like I said in previous posts about Dylan, he practically paved the for fashion in skateboarding, and the same can be said for Dill. No wonder Dylan listed him as one of his style influences when it comes to skating and fashion.

Dill’s skating style is next level, just like I said for Sean Pablo and Dylan Rieder. Check out my post about Sean here, and both of my Dylan posts here and here. But, back to Dill. The guy has style for days, see for yourself on the FA flat ground Instagram.

Skating is the way to my heart.

Only if you skate like Jason Dill though.


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