the weeknd

If you haven’t heard The Weeknd’s mixtapes, start listening to them now.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about Abel. I remember downloading all of his mixtapes years ago, when everyone used to illegally download music on the internet. But, mixtapes are free, so technically nothing I did was illegal.

‘House of Balloons’ is definitely his best mixtape, I used to listen to it on repeat for days on end, well I still do. And ‘Wicked Games’ is his best song, but recently I’ve been liking ‘High For This’ more than usual, so maybe I have a new fave!

Anyway, from mixtapes to albums, when The Weeknd released his album, ‘Starboy’, I was in Toronto on my 4 month university exchange. The fact that I was in the same place as Abel on his album release date is pretty cool. But, typical me, I only found out he was there the day after; I doubt I would have seen him anyway. 

Also, there’s an old video of him singing in Younge & Dundas Square, watch it here. And for 4 months, I lived about 5 minutes away from where he was stood, and that’s a 5 minute walk, not a drive, and that’s pretty cool. And my claim to fame! (Haha)

Writing this made me miss Toronto more than I do already.

Also, I’m still waiting to see The Weeknd live.

One day.


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