epicly later’d: jason dill

#epiclylaterd #jasondill Last night, I watched the latest episode of ‘Epicly Later’d’, and I loved it! The series, now showing on Viceland, focuses on one person every episode, and the latest to be featured was none other than Jason Dill. In fact, this was his second episode of Epicly Later’d. Dill first appeared on the … Continue reading epicly later’d: jason dill



#demilovato I don't care what anyone says, I'm writing a post about Demi Lovato. So, last night, I ended up watching her new documentary, 'Simply Complicated', and I loved it. I didn't expect to love it, especially because it was an hour and eighteen minutes long, but it was worth the watch. I never though … Continue reading demi


#bennordberg Even though this is an old photo, I still love it. If you don't know who Ben Nordberg is, let me give you the details. From Bath, England, Ben is a professional skateboarder, riding for Flip Skateboards. More recently, he has become heavily involved in the fashion world, working as a model. He literally … Continue reading ben