twin peaks

#twinpeaks Well, I'm obsessed with 'Twin Peaks'... can you tell? eBay has most definitely come through and provided me with a couple of great magazines from the 90's. The first, US magazine #136, and the second, Rolling Stone magazine #588. These magazines were both released within a month of each other, so it looks like … Continue reading twin peaks


radiant cure

#former My favourite brand, Former, are releasing their third collection and film today, in about two hours time, and I'm super stocked to check it out! I've made a post about the brand before, I'll link it here. Created by Austyn Gillette, Craig Anderson and Dane Reynolds, the brand focuses on putting out quality skate … Continue reading radiant cure


#conversecons Converse have a brand new, full-length skate film out now, titled 'Purple', and accompanied by the release of their exclusive Purple collection, this is one of my favourite skate films to date. The boys pictured above have the best parts and that's Kenny Anderson, Kevin Rodrigues and my favourite, Sean Pablo. Louie Lopez too, … Continue reading cons